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♚L A C R I M O S A♚

the trap known as dreams lures us toward the flames

20 April
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Yes, My Lord
name: Inai/Kristin

age: 21

I love music, primarily J-rock, but I also listen to J-pop and a lot of soundtrack music, mostly from anime and games. I'm a manga addict, and I read things from girly shoujo to shounen - the same goes for the anime I watch, and I happen to love J-dramas. I'm an author and an artist and a gamer and a cosplayer. Want to know more? Add me...once I get an adding post up.

anime and manga

in no particular order

BLEACH Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle xxxHolic Saiyuki Wild Adapter Weiß kreuz Cowboy Bebop Samurai Champloo Outlaw Star Escaflowne G Gundam .hack//SIGN Naruto Kuroshitsuji MeruPuri Vampire Knight Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan Fairy Cube Neji Ouran High School Host Club Loveless Ludwig Kakumei


in no particular order

Final Fantasy The Legend of Zelda .hack Kingdom Hearts Lineage II The Legend of Dragoon Devil May Cry Drakengard Chrono Cross Soul Calibur